This is a completely made-up thing that would be fun if added to When a certain structure does a certain thing a certain amount of times, it could turn into gold and diamond, like for gold and diamond weapons.

Notice, for example, the walls. It says "when it gets hit". This means that when a player's walls are hit. All of the walls contribute to this. When a wall is destroyed, it cannot contribute to gold and diamond. Most gold and diamond structures have ups, but some don't (similar to bow and shield in real MooMoo).


When a wall—wood, stone, or castle—gets hit 3000 times, it turns gold. When it's hit 4000 more times, for a total of 7000 times, it becomes diamond. Gold and diamond walls get their health buffed, and they are identified by the outside hexagon/octagon become gold or blue.


When a spike deals damage to an enemy 3000 times, it turns gold. Same for diamond. Upgraded Spikes deal more damage, and they are identified by their spikes turning gold or diamond. For Poison Spikes, the base of a spike becomes the new color. Also, for Poison Spike, the base damage is buffed, not the poison damage.


These are upgraded by how much gold they've generated, making them nearly impossible to upgrade within a short amount of time. When upgraded, they gain more gold per second. They are identified by their arms become the special color.


As all of the pads are different, I will be telling them in shorter sections. All upgraded pads can be identified by a gold/blue outline on the pad.

Boost Pads

These upgrade by boosting a 3000/7000 times. They can increase the distance of the boost when upgraded.


These upgrade by how many times an arrow has been shot from atop it. These gain health when upgrading.

Healing Pads

These upgrade by healing 3000/7000 health. They upgrade the amount of health healed. Notice you can upgrade quickly by wearing Bull Helmet, which drains health for you.


These upgrade from failed attempts to place structures in its radius. Quickly upgrade by placing a blocker and spamming "failed" windmills. When upgraded, their health increases.

Spawn Pads

These do not upgrade.


Stone Mines and Saplings do not upgrade.


These upgrade by how many times they fire. When upgraded, they deal more damage and can be identified by the circle around them turning gold or diamond.

Pit Traps

These upgrade by how many times something has been trapped. When upgraded, they have more health, and the outer hexagon changes color.

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